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TRT Pastoral Group aims to fully utilise the potential of our unique resources to responsibly grow livestock.

TRT Pastoral Group aims to fully utilise the potential of our unique resources to sustainably grow livestock.

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From humble beginnings of just one property, Howquadale Station – Mansfield, North East Victoria, TRT Pastoral Group has experienced robust growth over the past two decades operating in three regions of Australia.

Key among the acquisitions would be that of The King Island Aggregation on King Island in Tasmania and Woolnorth Aggregation in North West Tasmania. These regions provides consistent climatic conditions for our grass fed cattle operation aligning to our responsible agriculture principles.


The King Island Aggregation is a large scale Angus cattle breeding and finishing enterprise, located on King Island in Tasmania. It carries over 9,000 grass fed Angus breeders, as well as progeny and bulls (25,000 head). It comprises eight individual holdings which are known as Manana, Reekara Park, Dinibili, Longford, Boongara, Woodford, Winton South and Stalky Coopers. The enterprise is pasture-based with minimal supplementary feeding and has an estimated total carrying capacity of 160,000 DSE.

The King Island Aggregation comprises a total land area of 24,000 acres. Cattle are sold to a range of markets in Tasmania and mainland Australia as finished, feeder and restocker cattle.

The regenerative agriculture operation is located in one of Australia’s most productive cattle breeding regions, benefited by a combination of highly reliable rainfall, excellent soil types and infrastructure supporting the industry.


The Woolnorth Aggregation comprises of three properties in Tasmania. The iconic Woolnorth Property is one of the oldest properties in Australia.

TRT Group also operates productive dairies at Woolnorth covering 2,900 hectares with a cross bred herd.

The land area totals approximately 17,500 acres of some of the most productive grazing land in Australia.


Located at Mansfield in North East Victoria Howquadale Station is an aggregation of 7 properties totalling 2,200 hectares (5,500 acres ) in high rainfall country ranging from 34 to 40 inches per annum. The properties are run on both the Howqua River and the Delatite River.

An elite Angus herd of 1,400 breeders (European Union Accredited ) plus followers joined with quality Sires each year produces weaners for our own internal backgrounding operation at our other properties or can be marketed to other European Union backgrounders.